We’re almost ready to bring #EdSpark to One Spark 2015! Are you ready for the experience?

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership created the first themed One Spark venue, #EdSpark, in 2014 as a way to give educational entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their ideas to thousands of people and make the future of education better for every age.

edspark2015 (1)
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Unleash the Power of Art at #EdSpark Through Our Integrated Curriculum

What is the curriculum?Untitled
The #EdSpark curriculum is composed of two different lessons—an elementary student version and a secondary student version for students in 6th -12th grade. Each version then contains three different sections—pre-tour, during, and post-tour.

The elementary student version is an Arts and Science integration focused lesson, while the secondary student version focuses on the integration of Arts and Social Studies.
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Boost Your Teaching Career with The Schultz Center’s Professional Learning Programs

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership is not just a place to host an amazing meeting, event or training, it’s also a place to enroll in professional learning programs.

The Schultz Center offers many different programs and classes from ESOL and gifted programs to reading competency courses and mathematics courses. The courses are offered to Florida statewide districts, private school teachers, retired teachers and charter schools and can be completed anywhere between six hours and one year depending on the complexity of the course.
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Book A Better Place for a Better Meeting

Looking for a place to conduct your business meeting, throw an event or train new employees? The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership is the place for all your business, event and meeting needs.

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership specializes in planning, coordinating and hosting meetings, events and trainings in our beautiful venue. We open our doors to many businesses, corporations, non-profits, organizations and many others so that an event, meeting or training can be the best it possibly could be.
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