We’re almost ready to bring #EdSpark to One Spark 2015! Are you ready for the experience?

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership created the first themed One Spark venue, #EdSpark, in 2014 as a way to give educational entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their ideas to thousands of people and make the future of education better for every age.

edspark2015 (1)
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From shooting hoops to a business that helps get students engaged Flip Our Class rockets to success

This past April, The world’s largest crowd-funding festival, One Spark, allowed the people of Jacksonville, FL to experience new and exciting ideas and projects, the unique foods of the city and wonderful and surprising activities around every corner. For Creators, One Spark was the battlegrounds for competition and the launchpad to success.

One Creator in particular, Dewitt Robinson, came to One Spark 2014 in the #EdSpark venue with just an idea he called “Flip Our Class.” He left taking third place in the technology category and a whole lot more.  Let’s take a look at where he started and his growing success.
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Touching hearts and healing minds, Hope At Hand, Inc. sparks attention in Jacksonville, FL

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership participated in the One Spark 2014 Festival in Jacksonville, Fla. curating the first themed venue, #EdSpark. Forty-eight education related creators were selected to occupy the #EdSpark venue and many projects, such as Hope at Hand, Inc., broke through the clutter and made their project known throughout Jacksonville.

Let’s take a look at where Hope at Hand, Inc. began, how it became so successful and its plans for 2015.
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