Get Productive in Your Meetings!

Meetings are a pain sometimes, but they are necessary for any plan to be successful. The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership believes that three key components make meetings exciting, engaging and overall productive.

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Stop stressing over planning your business events and start focusing on your presentations

Meetings, conferences and trainings take a lot of work and coordination to put together and execute properly and successfully. That’s why businesses, nonprofits, organizations and corporations hire several people to coordinate and execute their events.

This normally is very expensive and time consuming, time that you could be spending on your speech, pitch or presentation, and money that you could save for your future.
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Being an educational Creator at One Spark 2015 has more advantages than you think

Pursuing a life as an entrepreneur is not always an easy task. You may have a great idea, but no funding to make your idea reality. What if you had the opportunity to explain your idea to thousands of people and compete for an award that could change the course of your success?

Now you do!


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