We’re almost ready to bring #EdSpark to One Spark 2015! Are you ready for the experience?

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership created the first themed One Spark venue, #EdSpark, in 2014 as a way to give educational entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their ideas to thousands of people and make the future of education better for every age.

edspark2015 (1)

This year, the Schultz Center is bringing #EdSpark back to One Spark with the mission to better education even more by offering two $15,000 awards to Creators in the One Spark education category, and by enhancing the #EdSpark experience with a curriculum for children, story-times and much more.

With eight days to go, we are working with our driven One Spark Creators to set up the #EdSpark experience in a way that will leave our guests inspired and excited about education.

Hear’s a sneak peak of some awesome new activities that will take place at #EdSpark throughout the festival:

  • Story-times for children 0-8 years of age
  • Field trips for elementary and middle school students and after-school programs
  • Programming and accompanying curriculum featuring the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Cathedral Arts Project and Ritz Theatre, among others
  • Family Health Day on Saturday, April 11th

All of our Creators will have their own fun and unforgettable surprises that children and adults will be able to interact with, experience and enjoy.

We won’t tell you what the Creators are doing that will make your experience meaningful, but you’ll be able to see all the magic for yourself April 8-12 at the #EdSpark venue in the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts.

For an #EdSpark schedule of events please click here. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our Blog to stay up-to-date on the latest news and happenings before, during and after the amazing One Spark Festival.


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