Being an educational Creator at One Spark 2015 has more advantages than you think

Pursuing a life as an entrepreneur is not always an easy task. You may have a great idea, but no funding to make your idea reality. What if you had the opportunity to explain your idea to thousands of people and compete for an award that could change the course of your success?

Now you do!


The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership is sponsoring two $15,000 awards for One Spark Creators, registered in the education category, to compete for.

How do you win one of these awards?

You must be a registered One Spark Creator in the education category, and your idea must win the popular vote in the education category, or you must win the education catagory juried award.

Creating the first curated venue at One Spark 2014, #EdSpark, was just the beginning of the Schultz Center’s push to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to better the education system. Now that we have the ability to offer these two generous awards, we can help make education even better in and out of the classroom.

Winning this great award can turn your idea into a complete prototype. It can fund your startup campaign, hire help or even fund your complete mission and vision.

So what are you waiting for?

Register your idea for the One Spark 2015 festival before February 24, 2015, under the education category, for your chance to win a $15,000 award that can change the course of your success!

For more information visit our #EdSpark page, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook Page.


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