Meeting your match made in One Spark could have a big payoff

The world’s largest crowd-funding festival, One Spark, is coming back to Downtown Jacksonville, April 7-12, 2015. Entrepreneurs (Creators) will have the opportunity to showcase their projects, start-up businesses and ideas at participating venues throughout the festival.

This exciting festival is a great place for families and friends to gather for a fun time, but for Creators it’s a grueling week-long competition for funding, awareness and more.

How does this competition work?

Venues within the One Spark footprint sift through the thousands of registered Creator applications looking for the best-of-the-best to showcase at their business. Once the venue finds the perfect project(s), the Creator(s) will be contacted through the One Spark Matchmaking Event, February 14- 28.

A Creator may receive multiple matches, but must quickly choose just one because venues may contact multiple Creators to fill one slot.

When Matchmaking is over, February 28, Creators and venues finalize their match made in One Spark and begin the planning process. For the Schultz Center’s venue, #EdSpark, 40+ Creators with educationrelated projects will be contacted to fill the space at the Times-Union Center for Performing Arts.

The planning process is when Creators work with the venues to organize their project in a way that promotes the project and venue. This can be anything from painting the walls and floors to creating an interactive simulation for the guests to enjoy.

For the Schultz Center’s past #EdSpark Creators, we painted rainbows, clouds and flowers throughout the venue, dedicated rooms for guests to experience the Creator’s project, built simulations so guests can visualize the Creator’s mission and even had guests participate in certain activities to promote innovation in education.


At the end of the week-long festival, top Creators are chosen to win big prizes that help launch their idea to success. Some venues host secondary competitions between the Creators chosen to represent their venue.

For example, Creators exhibiting in the #EdSpark venue can win the One Spark crowd-funding prizes. In addition—and new to this year’s festival—Creators have the opportunity of winning one of two $15,000 Education prizes—one selected by a jury; the other selected by the attendees of the festival with their votes.

You can see how choosing the perfect venue can be very beneficial to Creators. So, it is vital to complete the Creator profile online, before the One Spark Matchmaking Event, in order to be considered and chosen by official One Spark venues.

So Creators, kick it into gear, get your registration and online profile completed and get ready to meet your perfect match!  One Spark guests, prepare for a week of excitement, entrepreneurism and surprises around every corner.  This is sure to be a life-changing week!


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