Who said video games can’t teach kids?

Your kids play hours and hours of video games a week, but are they really learning anything that they can apply to reality? Most of the time, no. This all changed when a doctoral candidate from the University of Florida decided to design a game that combines the quest and adventure of video games with the educational materials taught in school.

Lindsey Tropf calls this savvy combination Immersed Games.

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Meeting your match made in One Spark could have a big payoff

The world’s largest crowd-funding festival, One Spark, is coming back to Downtown Jacksonville, April 7-12, 2015. Entrepreneurs (Creators) will have the opportunity to showcase their projects, start-up businesses and ideas at participating venues throughout the festival.

This exciting festival is a great place for families and friends to gather for a fun time, but for Creators it’s a grueling week-long competition for funding, awareness and more.

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Teaching kids to “do good” in their community

Maxine Bergman started out as a teacher at Mandarin Middle School who wanted to give her students fun and exciting opportunities to help others. To do this, she  developed Good On The Go, a non-profit organization that  provides middle school kids with the opportunity to do good deeds in the Jacksonville community.
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