Jacksonville’s crowd-funding festival, One Spark, is just around the corner, so the Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership is calling all volunteers to sign up and help out at our venue, #EdSpark!


If you’re in high school and need to complete your general volunteer hours for graduation or honors programs, are a college student looking to accumulate hours for your classes, clubs or programs or a helpful hand in your community the #EdSpark venue is the place for you!

Not only will you be completing your volunteer hours; you’ll be surrounded by leaders in the education world who can show you what innovation, dedication and hard work really is through their projects, businesses and organizations.

We need volunteers for many different roles throughout the festival from April 7-12. Roles include, but are not limited to:

• Greeting guests as they enter the #EdSpark venue
• Directing guests though the #EdSpark innovation walk
• Interacting with people on the street promoting the #EdSpark venue
• Being the leader of field trip groups

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership welcomes volunteers with open arms because education is shared throughout a community, not just one person, group, company or organization. The more people to inspire others, the more sparks there are in the world of education.

So sign up to volunteer today to help inspire others to engage in education at the #EdSpark venue, located in the Times-Union Center for Preforming Arts in downtown Jacksonville! Time slots go fast, so don’t procrastinate!


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