Understand the difference between One Spark venues and curated venues

One Spark 2015 is just around the corner, and it’s a good idea to understand the differences between venues, themed venues and Creators. We want to help break everything down for you, so that you can enjoy the amazing crowd-funding festival without confusion.

Let’s start with Creators.

Creators are individuals or teams of people, entrepreneurs and dreamers, who pitch their ideas, projects, businesses or inventions at the One Spark festival. One Spark divides Creators into six categories:

• Art
• Education
• Health & Science
• Music
• Social Good
• Technology

When Creators apply to participate in One Spark, they choose their category and then ask participating venues if they can pitch their ideas at their desired venue during the festival. The “matchmaking” process, between venues and Creators, takes place between February 14-28th, to decide in which venue Creators will be housed during the festival.

So, what’s a venue?

A venue is any building, parking lot or allotted space that is participating in One Spark. A venue can house just one Creator or as many as 50+, depending on the allotted space. For example, MOCA Jacksonville, a venue for One Spark 2014, housed one main Creator in its building, and the Wells Fargo building, also a venue, housed 50+ Creators.

What, then is a Curated Venue?

During the 2014 festival the Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership curated the first themed venue to participate at One Spark and called it the #EdSpark venue. This initially caused a bit of confusion because people didn’t understand that #EdSpark was actually a One Spark venue and not a separate festival entirely.

The Schultz Center curated and recruited education oriented Creator Projects from all of the One Spark categories and housed them together on the second floor of the Wells Fargo building, an official One Spark venue.

The Schultz Center’s official business is located just outside of downtown Jacksonville, but wanted to participate in One Spark 2014. So One Spark chose the Schultz Center to curate a venue that was within the One Spark footprint, the Wells Fargo Building. Then, the Schultz Center chose its 48 official One Spark 2014 Creator Projects and hosted all types of education projects in its curated venue – the #EdSpark venue.

For One Spark 2015, the #EdSpark venue will be at the Times Union Center and we expect even more official One Spark Creator Projects in the education category to showcase this year! Do you have a project in education that you want to launch? Register to be an official One Spark 2015 Creator on the One Spark website to be eligible to showcase in the #EdSpark venue!

Get more information about becoming a One Spark Creator, or register your project at www.beonespark.com.


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