Boost Your Teaching Career with The Schultz Center’s Professional Learning Programs

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership is not just a place to host an amazing meeting, event or training, it’s also a place to enroll in professional learning programs.

The Schultz Center offers many different programs and classes from ESOL and gifted programs to reading competency courses and mathematics courses. The courses are offered to Florida statewide districts, private school teachers, retired teachers and charter schools and can be completed anywhere between six hours and one year depending on the complexity of the course.

All of the learning programs are offered through face-to-face classes and online training. The Schultz Center does offer two hybrid programs in leadership institute and technology. The hybrid courses are a combination of in-class and online learning.
The Schultz Center offers these programs and courses to help teachers identify, address and improve major teachings in important topics, such as linguistics and mathematics. All courses also enhance methods of teaching and provide each individual with modern day helpful tips and tricks that boost each child’s success in the classroom.

Individuals can register for all courses 24/7 online and have access to powerful planning, enrollment and tracking tools that help keep the course work organized and the individual on track to success.

So, don’t wait any longer to get certified in a variety of different programs that will help excel the desired teaching career and improve the children’s learning abilities. Visit the Schultz Center website for a list of programs offered and to register for face-to-face, online and hybrid courses.

For addition information about the online courses please contact Lisa Robbins at or 904-348-7277.


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