The #EdSpark Venue Brings New and Exciting Plans to the Table for One Spark 2015

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership will be bringing a spotlight to the One Spark 2015 Festival to highlight the innovation in education through its themed venue, #EdSpark.

#EdSpark was created by The Schultz Center as the first themed venue to debut at the world’s largest crowd-funding festival, One Spark, in 2014. Deborah Gianoulis, the president of the Schultz Center, came up with the #EdSpark idea in hopes to bring attention to new, innovative ways of teaching and learning by representing unique Creators from all walks of education.

“We look for great ideas to engage children in learning that are in practice now or in any stage of development,” Gianoulis states. “We believe the best ideas are likely to come from the people engaged in the work every day – students and teachers.”

In 2014, The Schultz Center broke new ground, not only by curating the first themed venue, but also by hosting exclusive workshops for the 45 creators that represented the #EdSpark venue.

“One of the terrific outcomes of One Spark is the collaborative nature of knowledge sharing and ‘paying it forward,’” says Meredith O’Malley Johnson, the Community and Public Relations Director of One Spark. “The Schultz Center’s contribution to helping creators better prepare for One Spark 2014 is a prime example of this. Such initiative is what One Spark is all about.”

The Schultz Center plans to break new ground again at the One Spark 2015 Festival by recruiting new innovative education related creators to represent the #EdSpark venue and by sponsoring two generous education specific awards, which did not exist at the 2014 festival.

“Our presence will be significantly increased by both our new location – The Times Union Center for the Performing Arts and our increased funding commitment to sponsor two education specific awards of $15,000 each,” Gianoulis says. “[The reason for offering two education-specific awards] is to elevate the education innovation brand in Jacksonville, Fla.”

#EdSpark gives teachers and students the opportunity to demonstrate and engage the community in interactive learning techniques across all segments of learning from video games and online idea boards to agriculture and exercise. This opportunity helps open the community’s eyes to current education and ways to better children and adult’s learning abilities through inventive ideas and projects.

“Creators with enthusiasm, a well communicated plan, and an idea, solution, product or service to impact learning and education will all be considered [when selecting Creators to represent the #EdSpark venue at One Spark 2015,]” Becky Schechterle, the Director and Events for The Schultz Center states. “A thorough Creator profile ensures that the #EdSpark venue has all the information required to make a selection. Including links, videos, and other information in [the Creator] profile is always helpful!”

#EdSpark 2015 is sure to bring new and outstanding ideas and projects that will help the Jacksonville community experience new ways of learning and teaching education to children and adults.


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