Book A Better Place for a Better Meeting

Looking for a place to conduct your business meeting, throw an event or train new employees? The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership is the place for all your business, event and meeting needs.

The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership specializes in planning, coordinating and hosting meetings, events and trainings in our beautiful venue. We open our doors to many businesses, corporations, non-profits, organizations and many others so that an event, meeting or training can be the best it possibly could be.

We have many professional planners waiting eagerly to coordinate every detail of your meeting or event. We take care of everything from invitations and catering services right down to the distribution of programs as your guests arrive. All you have to do is bring your best smile and A-game on the event or presentation day.

t1We offer 16 fully equipped meeting rooms, classrooms, ballrooms and auditoriums in order to match each customer’s unique needs and desires perfectly. Our ballrooms and auditoriums come equipped with the following amenities:



  • Wi-Fi
  • Full digital HD Video projection system
  • Digital audio
  • Instructor laptop
  • Doc Camera

t2 Our meeting rooms and classrooms come complete with the following features:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Projector
  • Drop-down screen
  • Instructor laptop
  • Doc camera
  • Amplified audio

In addition to our ready-to-go meeting and event rooms, we provide 3,000 sq. ft. of pre-event space and casual gathering lounges for your guests to mingle and network, enjoy fantastic catering and prepare for your event or presentation.






The next time you need to host a meeting, plan an event or teach a training course, call The Schultz Center for Teaching & Leadership at (904) 348-5757 and book a better place for a better meeting. For more information, please visit our website.


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